Mourad Boudjellal stays as Chairman of the RCT!

The Chairman of the RCT, Mourad Boudjellal, made the official announcement on Wednesday, at noon, in a press conference: he will stay as Chairman of the RCT!
In the aftermath of a game against Clermont, I had said I intended to call it quits at the end of the 2016-2017 season,” he said on Wednesday, at noon, in a press conference. “And, immediately after, I signed an agreement with a French investor living in the United States, set to expire on December 15th. In the meantime, however, several events have cropped up: first, we won our case against the French National Rugby League over the Salary Cap; then, there was the result of the elections at the French Rugby Federation. So, I have decided to take no further action concerning the sale of the RCT. I don’t wish to make any financial operation out of this sale and, at the end of the season, the club’s capital is to be opened up gratuitously to all the supporters and subscribers of the club. It is to be fan-owned under a system of socios and, then, shares will be issued after its stock market introduction. But it takes a large audience to make an altruistic project work. So, I have high expectations for the game against Racing ‘92, on January 1st. I expect those who advised me to stay to show me that Mayol will always be Mayol, even if the kick-off time is far from being ideal, which harms us. I hope everyone in Toulon will show me, on January 1st, that I was right to take this decision.
The game against Racing ’92, on Day 15 of the Top 14, will also give the opportunity to celebrate the new year at the Stade Mayol, with various activities, fireworks, a giant-size Galette des Rois – a round, flat cake traditionally eaten in France at Epiphany –, a car up for grabs offered by our partner Volkswagen, not forgetting many other surprises!
You can buy your tickets at the usual selling outlets, the “RCT Stores” at the “Mayol”, “Grand Var Est”, “Avenue 83” and Ollioules shopping malls, and the online ticketing service at, HERE.