Marc Dal Maso : "Toulouse had lined up quite a strong squad"

Marc Dal Maso and Manny Edmonds, RCT’s scrum and defence coaches, were present at the post-game press conference after the victory against Toulouse, last Sunday. Here are their main reactions.
Marc Dal Maso: “This victory is a good thing for the games to come. We have four points now. If we had lost, that would have been complicated, as we’re playing two away games now. We’re going to work on our weak points, as I don’t think our level of playing was good. However, it’s important to know how to win games like these, given that Toulouse had lined up quite a strong squad.”
Manny Edmonds: “In the end, we win a game in which many things went wrong. But this also shows the team has character. Many things have to be improved: grabbing the ball, the backline, the one-touch attacking moves, but there is something within the squad that enabled it to snatch the win after all. However, we can’t afford to play twenty minutes of every game down to fourteen men. We have to correct this as well. We now face Montpellier and we’ll start focusing on the game tomorrow.”