Jonathan Wisniewski: "I hope this time will be the right one"

Toulon fly-half Jonathan Wisniewski should start Sunday’s game against La Rochelle (Day 18 of the Top 14). He attended last Thursday’s press conference and talked about the forthcoming game, a crucial one both for the team and for himself, as he has only started one game this season – the home game against Racing 92, on November 19th.
Jonathan, you must be happy to be part of the team going to La Rochelle…
I am! I’m both happy and excited. Fabien (Galthié) had told me last week and I hope that, this time, it will be the right one! I hope I’ll play several games in succession without being injured. I hope I’ll be able to play without any second thoughts, have pleasure and, quite simply, do what I do best! Things have been quite complicated for me since the season started. But, for a few weeks now, I’ve been feeling better and all I want is to be on the pitch.
Will the forthcoming games have consequences on your future?
They will! The club knows it and I know it. We’ve thought this over with the coach and the chairman. In a month’s time, we’ll make a balance. They would like to have a talk with me. Fabien had set up a turn-over: he didn’t want to change it. That’s normal and I respected this. So, we’re going to see what happens: anyway, the truth will out on the pitch. Train as hard as you may, make as many announcements as you wish, the truth will always out on the pitch.
You’re talking about pleasure, but it won’t be simple to enjoy the away game against La Rochelle…
True, but, when you’re a rugby player, you feel excited ahead of games like these. Of course, that won’t be easy. This will be a crucial game and both teams are feeling the pressure. There are nine games remaining in the regular season: so, there is much at stake and it’s better this way. My enthusiasm and my wish to play as well as possible are multiplied.
Photo credits : Cyclope Photo.