Fabrice Landreau: "It feels good to win"

The Toulon forwards coach showed up at the post-game press conference after the 39-11 victory against Lyon.
Fabrice, you must be satisfied with the result…
I am! Tonight, we felt the same commitment as in the previous three games, but things went the right way this time. We felt the players were gradually overcoming their anxiety and we ended on a high note. We had no slump during the game, evidence that it’s not a physical problem. I say this, because many people criticized our physical training and this game proves that it’s not the problem. The main thing is rather the consistency we can show over an entire game. We were consistent tonight. It feels good to win and we needed it: the work we’ve done has eventually paid off.
And you win 39-11: that’s a comfortable margin…
Yes, and we scored five tries, while Lyon only scored one. But beyond the result, the way we played was quite satisfactory. We felt we were playing more as a team, our backline was very solid and we could play as we wished, for that matter. We’ll have to confirm this, but we’re on the right way.
Everything was not perfect, though. Could this tell in the European Cup?
Of course! We know the upcoming double confrontation against Bath will be crucial to qualify for the knock-out stages. Winning tonight was already a good thing, even if everything was not perfect, and we can now look serenely towards the European Cup and try to build up on this victory. Other players will be back as well and that’s important, too.
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