Fabien Galthié: "Everything was coherent"

The Toulon manager attended the press conference that followed the 36-12 victory against Bordeaux-Bègles, last Saturday. He was satisfied with the result, and with the way the team played and behaved.
Fabien, you must be happy with the result. The team seems to have improved over the last few weeks…
I don’t know whether we’re improving, but I think we can be satisfied with the way we played when all the players were on the pitch. We played fast, we tried many kinds of moves and everything was coherent. Then, we were down to fourteen men for fifty minutes: during this spell of time, things were quite even and the backline had to work in order to keep the score. We made a few changes to make up for the extra work required when you’re down to fourteen men. Overall, we take five points and that’s a good result. Everything was coherent – even the red card, nothing to complain about. The game against Scarlets did a world of good to the players. It gave them an extra boost.
What were the instructions at half-time?
Trying to preserve the bonus point, as the wind was pushing us. So, the instructions were not to take too many risks. We had to carry the ball and avoid creating spaces, as one player in the backline was missing. Our opponents didn’t score any try at the end of the game and that’s good. Since the beginning of the season, we’ve never given up. The outcome of a few games could have been more favourable to us, but there were unexpected events you can’t really foresee. We should have earned six more points overall, I think. One shouldn’t only pay attention to the results: the way we play matters, too.
Do you think the team is close to reaching its goals in terms of playing?
We’ve already done that. I feel the players wanted to end a spell of consistency. We’ve qualified in the European Cup and, concerning the way we play, we’ve already been close to our goals. We lost a few games because of unexpected events, but this can be a source of motivation as well!