Anthony Etrillard : "Being in a similar state of mind against Castres as against Toulouse"

RCT hooker Anthony Etrillard gives his impressions after the performance against Toulouse, last Sunday, at the Stade Orange-Vélodrome, and ahead of the home game against Castres, next Saturday, at the Stade Mayol (kick-off time: 2:45 p.m.), on Day 24 of the Top 14.
Anthony, how do you feel after the victory against Toulouse, last Sunday?
I am fine, so is the whole team. We had just suffered a defeat against Clermont in the Champions Cup quarter-final and we had to pull ourselves together. I think we did it in the best possible way. It’s always easier to train after a win, for sure.
Do you think that you, the players, have taken your responsibilities?
All the players have pulled themselves together, no doubt about that. But I wouldn’t go as far as saying we’re out of the ditch yet. There’s still one capital game to play at home this week-end. Should we win this game, fourth spot will almost be secured. But we have to repeat last Sunday’s performance and I hope we’ll be in a similar state of mind to play as good a game.
Is there a will for revenge?
Coaches don’t play on the pitch. We, the players, do! When we make too many mistakes, when we pass the ball forward, the players are to blame, not the coaches. All the players wanted to pull themselves together and still want to do so. We know what to expect next Saturday: we know Christophe Urios and his capacity for instilling energy within his team. All the cards are laid on the table and we’ll have to be up to scratch.
Photo credits: Cyclope Photo, Jean-Michel Elophe.